SPATIAL GEOPHYSICAL SEMINARS – E. Tirado Bueno – 05.02.2020, 15h (english)

“Cosmic Ray Picture in Solar Phenomena”

Msc. Eduardo Tirado Bueno

Instituto Nacional de Astrofsica Optica y Electronica, Mexico

05.02.2020, 15h
Auditório CEA-II

Solar phenomena such as solar ares and solar energetic particles (SEP’s) events are suitable candidates to aect the galactic cosmic ray intensity which arrive continuously and isotropically to Earth, although their intensity varies depending on the activity of the Sun (11-year cycle). Studies of these eects can be carried out using the superposed epoch analysis (SEA) which provides a better visualization of small eects in a time series. In this talk I give an overview over some results on the analysis of the cosmic rays variations in the course of solar ares and SEP’s, through the solar cycle 24, in order to avoid solar inuences or geomagnetic disturbances, I only select events in which the Kp index is less than 4.0 for three consecutive days, that is, one day before and two days after the event. In the same way, events in which a Forbush decrease occurred during that three-day period are ignored.