Research in Heliophysics

Coordinator: Cristiano Max Wrasse
Graduate Program:
Spacial Geophysics
Thematic Area: Heliophysics
Countries: South Africa; Germany; Argentina; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; Chile; China; Cuba; Spain; U.S; France; India; Italy; Japan; Mexico; Nepal; Nigeria; United Kingdom and Sweden.

The goals of this project are to conduct research in heliophysics, develop instrumentation and observation techniques, and training personnel at postgraduate level in heliophysics. Topics cover solar physics, planetary physics, interplanetary medium, magnetospheres, ionospheres, atmospheres, magnetic fields of the earth and other planetes/bodies. This project has 3 main goals: 1) Develop or improve state-of-the-art instrumentation for heliophysics observations; 2) Conduct research in heliophysics by means of data analysis, modeling and theory and publish the results for the scientific community and for the general public; 3) Training personnel to work on heliophysics research at international level. Taking advantage of the existing tradition at INPE, this project aims at fostering collaborations with the following countries: United States of America; South Africa; Japan; Australia; Chile; Canada; Mexico; China; Austria; Germany; India; France; Spain; United Kingdom; Belgium, Italy; Cuba; Sweden; Argentina; Nigeria and Nepal.

Team Project

NameInstitutionCountryGraduate Course
Alexandre Alvares Pimenta INPE Brazil GES
Alisson Dal Lago INPE Brazil GES
Antonio Lopes Padilha INPE Brazil GES
Cristiano Max Wrasse INPE Brazil GES
Esfhan Alam Kherani INPE Brazil GES
Eurico Rodrigues de Paula INPE Brazil GES
Ezequiel Echer INPE Brazil GES
Fabio Becker Guedes INPE Brazil GES
Eliah Fernanda de Maria Sao Sabbas Tavares INPE Brazil GES
Inez Staciarini Batista INPE Brazil GES
Jonas Rodrigues de Souza INPE Brazil GES
Kleber Pinheiro Naccarato INPE Brazil GES / CST
Livia Ribeiro Alves INPE Brazil GES
Luis Eduardo Antunes Vieira INPE Brazil GES
Marcelo Magalhaes Fares Saba INPE Brazil GES
Maria Virginia Alves INPE Brazil GES
Odim Mendes Junior INPE Brazil GES
Paulo Prado Batista INPE Brazil GES
Plinio Carlos Alvala INPE Brazil GES / CST
Renato Sergio Dallaqua INPE Brazil GES
Severino Luiz Guimaraes Dutra INPE Brazil GES
Walter Demetrio Gonzalez Alarcon INPE Brazil GES
Ramon E. Lopez University of Texas / Arlington (UTA) USA Foreign
Weichao Tu West Virginia University (WVU) USA Foreign
Li Feng Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) China Foreign
Christoph Jacobi Leipzig University Germany Foreign
Scott W. McIntosh National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) USA Foreign
Sami K. Solanki Max Plank Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) Germany Foreign
Shahin Jafarzadeh University of Oslo (UiO) Norway Foreign
Philippe Zarka Paris Observatory (PSL) France Foreign


Working missions abroad
20192 R$ 5.774,00
20200 R$ 0,00
20210 R$ 0,00
20220 R$ 0,00
Total R$ 5.774,00
Subproject maintenance
2019R$ 1.000,00
2020 R$ 950,00
2021 R$ 1.000,00
2022 R$ 0,00
Total R$ 2.950,00


Year Types Qty Amount
2019 PhD Internship (8 months) 2 R$ 112.521,60
2019 Foreign Experienced Postdoc Fellow (32 months)1 R$ 159.310,58
2020 PhD Internship (8 months) 2 R$ 112.521,60
2021 PhD Internship (8 months) 2 R$ 112.521,60
2022 PhD Internship (7 months) 2 R$ 102.513,60
Total R$ 599.388,98