Research and Development in Space Missions

Coordinator: Walter Abrahão dos Santos
Graduate Program: Space Engineering & Technologies
Thematic Area: Space Missions
Countries: Germany; Argentina; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Spain; U.S; France; Guatemala; Netherlands; Israel; Italy; Paraguay; Portugal; United Kingdom; Russia, and Sweden.

Besides building satellite equipment and algorithms, the main objective also is to improve personnel at Masters and Doctoral levels in the areas of Orbital Dynamics, Guidance and Control, Thermal Control and Structure, Combustion and Space Vehicle Propulsion, Engineering and Management of Space Systems and Technology of Materials and Sensors for space applications, aerospace and terrestrial applications, serving as a source of specialized human resources to be employed by INPE itself, others research institutions or in academia and Industry. The topics of Masters Dissertations and Doctoral Theses are, in general, closely related to projects and R&D activities in development at INPE. In the INPE´s ETE coordination there are a number of technical partnerships with other foreign institutions as well as co-supervisions of thesis / dissertations. An example is the development of RaioSat, a 3U cubesat that will carry a CCST-suggested payload for monitoring lightning from space. There is the opportunity for a German university to develop some subsystems (Optics and Attitude Control) and share operations control infrastructure with Germany and Colombia. Another project investigates sprites seen from space with INPE´s CEA can benefit from a cubesat payload. Other institutions that have shown interest were from countries: Israel, Netherlands, Italy, China, USA, UK, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Japan and Russia.

Team Project

NameInstitutionCountryGraduate Course
Antonio Fernando Bertachini Almeida Prado INPE Brazil ETE
Eduardo Abramof INPE Brazil ETE
Evaldo José Corat INPE Brazil ETE
Fernando Fachini Filho INPE Brazil ETE
Geilson Loureiro INPE Brazil ETE
Helio Koiti Kuga INPE Brazil ETE
Maria de Fátima Mattiello Francisco INPE Brazil ETE
Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono INPE Brazil ETE
Mauricio Ferreira INPE Brazil ETE
Neidenei Gomes Ferreira INPE Brazil ETE
Patricia Regina Pereira Barreto INPE Brazil ETE
Rodrigo Intini Marques INPE Brazil ETE
Sérgio Luiz Mineiro INPE Brazil ETE
Walter Abrahão dos Santos INPE Brazil ETE
Alexander Richter Jena University of Applied Sciences Germany Foreign
Élcio Jerônimo de Oliveira Luleå University of Technology Sweden Foreign


Working missions abroad
20192 R$ 30.844,00
20202 R$ 30.844,00
20212 R$ 30.844,00
20222 R$ 30.844,00
Total R$ 123.376,00
Subproject maintenance
2019R$ 20.000,00
2020R$ 20.000,00
2021R$ 20.000,00
2022R$ 20.000,00
TotalR$ 80.000,00


Year Types Qty Amount
2019 Visiting Professor in Brazil (3 months)1 R$ 51.955,29
2019 PhD Internship (12 months)3 R$ 228.830,40
2019 Foreign Experienced Postdoc Fellow (24 months)1 R$ 123.310,58
2020 Foreign Experienced Postdoc Fellow (24 months)2 R$ 246.621,16
2020 Training Abroad (1 month)2 R$ 30.916,80
2020PhD Internship (12 months)
3R$ 228.830,40
2021 Visiting Professor in Brazil (3 months)1R$ 51.955,29
2021Training Abroad (1 month) 2R$ 30.916,80
2021Foreign Experienced Postdoc Fellow (12 months)2R$ 138.621,16
2021PhD Internship (12 months)3R$ 228.830,40
2022Training Abroad (1 month) 2R$ 30.916,80
2022PhD Internship (6 months) 3R$ 121.435,20
Total R$ 1.513.140,28