Research and Development in Modeling and Analysis of Earth and Space Data

Coordinator: Karine Reis Ferreira
Graduate Program: Applied Computing
Thematic Area: Modeling and Analysis of Earth and Space Data
Countries: South Africa; Germany; Argentina; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Cuba; Spain; U.S; France; Netherlands; India; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Mexico; Portugal; UK; Russia and Sweden.

Since its creation, the National Institute for Space Research has been an international reference in the collection, analysis and distribution of environmental and space sensor data, and in applied research involving this data. It is also a specialist in the creation and implementation of numerical models and simulations of phenomena related to climate, time and space. The postgraduate program in Applied Computing (CAP) brings together researchers and students involved in the research, creation, implementation and testing of software, computational solutions and models to support INPE research. Although many research applications are focused on specific problems in Brazil (or related to the demand of INPE researchers in the applied areas of the Institute), CAP maintains several international collaborations, through individual projects of its professors, exchange of researchers, etc. One objective of this project is to strengthen the international collaborations of the program by increasing the opportunities for exchange of teachers and students and the creation of thematic research networks that can lead to proposals for joint projects and publications with foreign researchers; considering the experience of the international partners in the topics of interest of the program. Another objective is to disseminate knowledge about the different areas, in particular seeking experiences that can be incorporated into the program and challenges that can be solved together. As the Graduate Program in Applied Computing works together with all other graduate programs of INPE, a third objective of this project is to seek, through partner programs, acquisition of knowledge in new methodologies and technologies for modeling and processing of data from various sensors (astronomical, geophysical, environmental, meteorological, etc.). The themes of this research proposal are: Research in High Performance Processing; Research in Storage and Retrieval of Spatiotemporal Information; Research in Modeling of Earth and Space Systems; Research in Mining and Analysis of Earth and Space Data; and Research and Development on Scientific Software Creation

Team Project

NameInstitutionCountryGraduate Course
Alan James Peixoto Calheiros INPE Brazil CAP
Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro INPE Brazil CAP / SER / CST
Eduardo Martins Guerra INPE Brazil CAP
Gilberto Ribeiro Queiroz INPE Brazil CAP
Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho INPE Brazil CAP
Karine Reis Ferreira Gomes INPE Brazil CAP
Leila Maria Garcia Fonseca INPE Brazil CAP / SER
Leonardo Bacelar Lima Santos Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert (CEMADEN) Brazil CAP
Lubia Vinhas INPE Brazil CAP
Margarete Oliveira Domingues INPE Brazil CAP
Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade Neto INPE Brazil CAP
Rafael Duarte Coelho dos Santos INPE Brazil CAP
Reinaldo Roberto Rosa INPE Brazil CAP
Sidnei João Siqueira Sant’Anna INPE Brazil CAP / SER
Stephan Stephany INPE Brazil CAP
Thales Sehn Körting INPE Brazil CAP / SER
Valdivino Alexandre de Santiago Júnior INPE Brazil CAP
Ahmed Eldawy University of California USA Foreign
Alexander Zipf Heidelberg University Germany Foreign
João Carlos Gomes Moura Pires Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Portugal Foreign


Working Missions Abroad
20192R$ 30.844,00
20202R$ 30.844,00
20212R$ 30.844,00
20222R$ 30.844,00
Total R$ 123.376,00
Project Maintenance
2019R$ 10.000,00
2020R$ 10.000,00
2021R$ 10.000,00
2022R$ 10.000,00
TotalR$ 40.000,00


Year Types Qty Amount
2019 PhD Internship (6 months) 3 R$ 121.435,20
2019 Visiting Professor in Brazil (15 days) 1 R$ 16.155,29
2019 Training Abroad (1 month)3 R$ 46.375,20
2020 Visiting Professor in Brazil (15 days) 1 R$ 16.155,29
2020 Training Abroad (1 month) 4 R$ 61.833,60
2020 PhD Internship (6 months) 3 R$ 121.435,20
2021 Visiting Professor in Brazil (15 days) 1 R$ 16.155,29
2021 PhD Internship (6 months) 3 R$ 121.435,20
2021 Training Abroad (1 month)4 R$ 61.833,60
2022 Visiting Professor in Brazil (15 days) 1 R$ 16.155,29
2022 PhD Internship (6 months) 3 R$ 121.435,20
2022 Training Abroad (1 month) 3 R$ 46.375,20
TOTAL R$ 766.779,56