Modeling scenarios of socio-environmental interactions in the tropics

Coordinator: Angélica Giarolla
Graduate Program: Earth System Sciences
Thematic Area: Global Environmental Changes
Countries: Germany; Argentina; Belgium; U.S; France; Netherlands; United Kingdom and Sweden.

Representing the Earth system in computational models, encompassing not only the physical and biological dimensions, but also the human dimensions is a challenge of interest to the entire international scientific community of Environmental Sciences. In this project it is proposed to expand the existing international cooperation in INPE’s PGPs to improve the representation in atmospheric, biophysical and socioeconomic processes in the tropical region that contribute to the better understanding of the Global Climate System, especially in the Brazilian territory. The activities involve three main axes of research that are integrated in a transdisciplinary way: 1) Collection and synthesis of observational data of the Earth system and effects of global environmental change, such as global networks of measurements of greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles, characterization of the potential for the production of renewable energies and detection of atmospheric electric discharges. 2) Parameterization and development of different components of the Earth System in models appropriate to the processes observed in South America, especially in the tropical region, contributing to the integrated understanding and simulation of the Earth System in the recent past and future, which may contribute to the construction of scenarios. 3) Formulation of scenarios and diagnoses of the functioning of the Earth System, considering natural and / or anthropic aspects.

Team Project

NameInstitutionCountryGraduate Course
Ana Paula Dutra de Aguiar INPE Brazil CST
Angélica Giarolla INPE Brazil CST
Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro INPE Brazil CST / SER / CAP
Celso Von Randow INPE Brazil CST
Daniel Andres Rodríguez Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) Brazil CST
Diógenes Salas Alves INPE Brazil CST
Javier Tomasella Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert (CEMADEN) Brazil CST
Jean Pierre Henry Balbaud Ometto INPE Brazil CST
Kleber Pinheiro Naccarato INPE Brazil CST
Laura de Simone Borma INPE Brazil CST
Luciana Vanni Gatti INPE Brazil CST
Plínio Carlos Alvala INPE Brazil CST
Maria Isabel Sobral Escada INPE Brazil CST / SER
Silvana Amaral Kampel INPE Brazil CST / SER
Victor Marchezini Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert (CEMADEN) Brazil CST
Bart Kruijt Wageningen University and Research Netherlands Foreign
Mathew Williams University of Edinburgh U.K. Foreign


Working missions abroad
20191 R$ 15.422,00
20201 R$ 15.422,00
20211 R$ 15.422,00
20221 R$ 15.422,00
Total R$ 61.688,00
Subproject Maintenance
2019R$ 2.000,00
2020 R$ 2.000,00
2021 R$ 2.000,00
2022 R$ 2.000,00
Total R$ 8.000,00


Year Types Qty Amount
2019 PhD Internship (12 months)2 R$ 152.553,60
2019 Training Abroad (15 days) 1 R$ 13.118,40
2019 Visiting Professor in Brazil (2 months) 1 R$ 37.555,29
2020Visiting Professor in Brazil (2 month) 1 R$ 37.555,29
2020 PhD Internship (6 months) 1 R$ 40.478,40
2021Training Abroad (15 days) 1R$ 13.118,40
2021 Visiting Professor in Brazil (2 months) 1 R$ 37.555,29
2021PhD Internship (12 months) 2R$ 152.553,60
2022 PhD Internship (6 months) 1 R$ 40.478,40
Total R$ 524.966,67