INPE’s Project for Internationalization of Graduate Programs (PII-INPE)

In more than 50 years, INPE has acquired competences, recognized nationally and internationally, in scientific and technological development activities, generating knowledge, products, processes and services that are disseminated to the society. These competencies are a result of the Institute’s Graduate Programs (GPs), which has been forming specialists and scientists contributing with the creation of new graduate and postgraduate centers throughout the country, since the 1960s or are employed by high-technology companies in Brazil. Through cooperation agreements and/or partnerships in several research fields, whether with national or international institutions, public or private, all INPE’s activities had traditionally some degree of internationalization. Special attention has been given to terms of exchange of researchers (professors) and students, and to collaborations and partnerships in most different forms: cooperation projects, joint publications, courses and training, technology transfer, among others.

This project aims to consolidate INPE as a leading institution with internationally recognized academic activities as well as technological developments. Moreover, further expanding international partnerships, collaborations and personnel training at an international level will help achieving its mission to produce science and technology in Earth and Space areas in order to offer singular products and services for the benefit of Brazil and enabling INPE to accomplish its vision of being a national and international reference in Earth and Space areas, with emphasis on the generation of knowledge and services, as well as the anticipation of development demands and quality of life of Brazilian society.

Institutional Presentation


November 2018 to October 2023


  • Promote the development, implementation and consolidation of a strategic plan for the internationalization of the Institute’s PGPs based on the seven priority thematic areas;
  • Maintain and expand the existing international research networks at INPE as well as foment the creation of new networks to improve the quality of academic production of its PGPs;
  • Expand the internationalization actions in the INPE’s PGPs, encouraging the consolidation of research projects in cooperation with Institutions abroad;
  • Maintain and expand the academic training of human resources through the mobility of professors and students, with emphasis on doctoral students, postdoctoral students and professors, from Brazil to abroad and from abroad to Brazil, linked to the stricto sensu PGPs;
  • Expand and consolidate INPE as an institute with an international environment;
  • Integrate several actions of each PGP for supporting INPE’s internationalization effort.

Budget & Supported Benefits

The initial budget proposal for PII-INPE submitted to CAPES in the Proclamation PrInt / CAPES No. 041/2017, was approximately R$ 35.9 million. The INPE project was approved by CAPES without any technical restrictions, but with a budget cut of 80%. As a result, the approved PII-INPE budget was reduced to, approximately, R$ 7.19 million, in order to support the following benefits linked to seven International Cooperation Research Projects:

  • Work Missions Abroad;
  • Project Maintenance;
  • Scholarships Abroad:
    • PhD Sandwich;
    • Junior Visiting Professor;
    • Senior Visiting Professor;
    • Training in Short-Term Courses / Schools for Students;
  • Scholarships in Brazil:
    • Young Talent;
    • Visiting Professor;
    • Post-Doctorate.

Approximately R$ 154.2 thousand were allocated to Work Missions Abroad designated exclusively to the PII-INPE Management Group and R$ 120 thousand to pay publication taxes for publication of academic papers in order to complement INPE’s budget.